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Get Waivered – Converting our nation’s ERs into the front door for opioid addiction recovery treatment

In the midst of a resurgent opioid epidemic less than 9% of physicians have the necessary DEA-X waiver which allows them to prescribe evidence based medication treatment for opioid addiction. Since 2018, Get Waivered has been concretely addressing the opioid epidemic by dramatically increasing the number of physicians who have their DEA-X waiver. Get Waivered partners with state departments of health, large health systems, and academic medical centers across the country and uses digital organizing (collaborating with digital content creators, targeted Ads, memes) to recruit healthcare providers to regularly scheduled free ‘Get Waivered’ virtual sessions that teach them the basics of addiction recovery treatment and help them receive their X waiver by the end of the 20 minute session. 

Our team is growing and students that are interested in exploring ways to get involved with research, lay public writing, and/or creating and overseeing discrete projects within the initiative can learn by clicking below. 


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