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Privacy Policy

We are a non-partisan nonprofit organization. We don’t sell your data.

We do opt-in people who give us their emails into our newsletter updates and into Civic Health Month updates.

If you provide your phone number in our sign up forms or video forms, we do sometimes email or text you.

We do collaborate with local civic engagement organizations and partners in the health space, and it is possible you will get added to their mailing list if you sign up for a webinar or event that we jointly host with them.

We do not share our data with 501c4 organizations.

We do use data for research purposes as we are affiliated with Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School.

We do build community among users in the same hospitals and locations, and we sometimes provide local organizers or administrators who are involved with us information about other customers in their communities.

Our partners TurboVote, Vote.Org, and Register2Vote each have comprehensive privacy policies that lay out the privacy provisions for those using their services for voter registration and vote-by-mail requests.

We do use the information provided through voter registration, vote at home, and other systems to remind individuals about upcoming elections and other opportunities for civic engagement.

We do use Google Analytics and Meta Pixel to collect statistical data that helps us better understand how our website can be improved for user experience and discoverability. These platforms have their own privacy policies.

We do use Cloudflare for their content delivery network (CDN), caching, security certificates, and compression services. Cloudflare has its own privacy policy.