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A Healthier Democracy

Health care workers and health care settings have untapped power to drive positive social change.
A Healthier Democracy is a home for organizing at the intersection of health and civic engagement.
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A Home for

Health Care Organizing

A Healthier Democracy builds platforms for collaboration and community organizing at the intersection of health and civic engagement to maximize collective impact on pressing challenges.

Portfolio Organizations

A Healthier Democracy is home to four high-impact national initiatives. We believe our nation’s biggest and most complex challenges require innovative solutions leveraging health care settings and health care workers. Our centralized model enables us to quickly launch new initiatives drawing on deep expertise in healthcare organizing, creative communications, and marketing.

Action Collaboratives

We host and support collaborative action campaigns that allow healthcare organizers and groups of healthcare organizations to make progress toward solving complex challenges together. We provide the platform to quickly convene partners, effectively coordinate information, and broadly activate action across healthcare.

Fiscal Sponsorship

We help social entrepreneurs navigate the winding path from vision to impact. Our shared infrastructure enables social entrepreneurs and the movements they lead to empower patients, healthcare workers, healthcare institutions, and companies, to create a more inclusive, equitable, healthcare system.

Those Closest to the Problem are also Closest to the Solution.

So many of the problems facing our nation’s most vulnerable patients are rooted in upstream political issues known as the political determinants of health.

A Healthier Democracy is an organization founded on the belief that at the intersection of health and civic engagement we will find new solutions to the old challenges affecting our patients, building power for patients and health care workers along the way.

We are health care workers, organizers, strategists, advocates, storytellers, and resource mobilizers with deep experience in community organizing, non-profit organizations, and clinical care.

Our Initiatives

Provide Unparalleled Access

Healthcare workers and healthcare institutions have unparalleled access to vulnerable communities and have an opportunity to leverage political organizing tactics to create positive social change.

Leverage Trusted Messengers

While trust in institutions is falling across all sectors trust in healthcare workers and the institutions they work for remains high.

Tackle Root Issues

80% of a patient’s health outcomes are due to issues outside of clinical care setting including housing insecurity, food insecurity, and upstream issues influenced by the political determinants of health.

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